Alissa Amico
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Alissa Amico is an internationally recognised expert specialising in corporate and economic governance.

Alissa’s experience spans private and state-owned governance, financial market development, institution building and innovation. She is the founder and director of a think-tank and advisory firm GOVERN, awarded for its work with governments and companies on the design of governance regulations and structures. Under her leadership, GOVERN has flourished to be a recognised thought leader and provider of effective, tailored advisory solutions to governments, investors and leading companies.

Prior to founding GOVERN, Alissa launched the OECD'sregional project in the Middle East and North Africa in 2005, in particular developing a unique programme on governance in the region. During her decade-long career at the OECD, she has worked closely with Ministers, heads of stock exchanges, capital market regulators, and central bankers and the private sector. She has been closely involved in the development of national corporate governance and capital markets laws and regulations.

In recent years, she has been advising boards and executives of emerging market companies on a range of governance and strategy reforms. Alissa is also a prolific author, including a number of books and articles on corporate governance, capital market development, sovereign governance and related topics. She is a sought-after speaker and commentator with contributions including a recent TED Talk and articles in the FT, WSJ, Project Syndicate and other recognised international media sources. For her influence in advancing good governance in the Middle East, she was distinguished as a Corporate Governance Rising Star by the Columbia University.
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