Arnaud Collery
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Arnaud Collery is a coach, speaker and social entrepreneur.

Graduate in Japanese, Chinese, Creative Leadership, Media and Finance, Arnaud Collery worked as financier (Finacor), military officer (EIREL-Strasbourg), parliamentary assistant (Thierry Jean Pierre-EU) and organizer of the biggest European financial events (Small Mid Caps Events - Euronexet) before pursuing a comedy career + director from the successful EU and Japan (NBC's Last Comic Standing, 2008 Award for Best Comedy Director Monaco Film Festival 2012).

In 2012 he began a career in technological innovation alongside a career of speaker on happiness at work. He won several Tech awards, helped create and founded his own hackathons in Lille ( and Aruba (Tedx's inspiring beach hackathon session)

He acts as host for events in technology ( in Amsterdam) or NY (French Touch, Ultra Bright Competition, ..) Start up leadership fellow NYC 2014. He advises Cartier, Chanel, Novartis on happiness at work and is participated in World Econdomic Qatar, Arab Foundation Forum, Glowork-Jeddah, Pasona-Tokyo.

He founded in 2014 in NY, a community for entrepreneurs on passion.
It's been four years and Arnaud has already hosted more than 21 events around the world, the next in Sao Paulo in March 2019.

Arnaud is also an award winning filmmaker, comedian and technologist (EIR at, hackathon winner).

Recently, he has just released his book entitled, Mister Happiness, Editions Larousse.
Arnaud Collery is a chief happiness officer who gives you his secrets to reinvent you.
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