Benjamin Chaminade
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Benjamin is a  French-Australian Entrepreneur and expert in Innovation, Management and HR.   Benjamin began his career as an Attraction Manager at Disneyland Paris to find out very quickly that culture and Human resources were the key to an efficient organisation.   He soon left this position to set up his first company C3job in Sydney, website specialised in Customer Relationship jobs.    After having sold this first company, he co-founded Inside HR, the first consulting company dedicated to employee well-being and engagement. In the meantime he co-founded nursery, the  first startup incubator in Australia.   After several years managing his 50 employee company - with clients all over the Asia-Pacific region - Benjamin decided to sell his shares to travel.   

Back to France - for what was supposed to be a few months - he started an new adventure when he took over Technoraid, a Rally-raid competition stable, and maker of the 4 wheel drive Renovatio.

Meanwhile, Benjamin stared to give conferences all over the world about Generation Y and Change Management. He launched several blogs about Intergenerational Management, Managerial Innovation, Innovation Culture or Startup Spirit.

Benjamin is also the curator of Creative-Day - an annual event about the culture of innovation - and an investor in the Ecopark of the bay of Saint Michel located in Normandy.

Today, Benjamin works with executives and managers to help them understand the current cultural changes and their impact on management and HR. 

Under the collective Trendemic, he assists companies in transforming constraints into opportunities .

Benjamin is involved in lectures and consulting on numerous issues related to these changes such managerial innovation, remote management, Startup Management, the Genome of innovation and Radical and disruptive innovation, always using his experience of international entrepreneur.
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