Denis Brogniart
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Denis Brogniart is the famous host of the show "Koh Lanta" which has a considerable success every summer by confronting ordinary people in extreme situations on deserted islands.

Born in 1967, he began his career as a sports journalist on Europe 1 and Eurosport. Arrived on TF1 in 1999, this big fellow of 1m93 is noticed by co-animating the "Domino day" with Flavie Flament and the chain proposes him to take in hand "Koh Lanta".

Accustomed to challenges, Denis Brogniart also animates "Fear factor" and animates the presentation of the grand prix formula a "Formula One", always on TF1. He is finally the host of Europe 1 nights from 20h to 22h30 and is present on TF6 (on TNT) in the show "The greatest secrets of magic finally revealed". Since March 11, 2012, he presents the new version of Automoto on TF1 with Marion Jollès. On July 14, 2012, he finds himself at the heart of the military parade on the Champs Elysees. On July 27, 2012, he comments on the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics with Harry Roselmack, Gilles Bouleau and Amélie Mauresmo.
Back in 2014, the game Koh Lanta is back on the first channel with reinforced medical precautions.

The summer of the same year, he presents Le Mag of the World Cup with Estelle Denis and Franck Leboeuf.

In 2016, Denis Brogniart hosts a new show on TF1, Ninja Warrior: the course of the heroes, alongside Christophe Beaugrand and Sandrine Quétier.

Since March 16, 2018, Koh Lanta returns with a 5th edition all stars: Koh Lanta: The fight of the Heroes.

During the 2018 World Cup, he presents Le Mag from the World Cup alongside Charlotte Namura, Nathalie Iannetta, Ludovic Giuly, Yuri Djorkaeff and Pascal Dupraz.

Throughout the duration of the event, he comments and decrypts the news of the daily matches. He receives during his broadcasts many personalities: sportsmen, comedians and experts answer his questions. The last show was broadcast on July 16, 2018, the day after the victory of the French Football Team at the 2018 World Cup, including with guest Adil Rami.

During the 2019 Women's World Cup, he presented Le Mag from the World Cup on TMC or TF1 alongside Nathalie Iannetta, Olivier Echouafni and Louisa Necib. A similar device is set up for the Rugby World Cup 2019, broadcast in full on TF1 and TMC. He presents Le Mag from the World Cup alongside Clémentine Sarlat, Vincent Clerc, Yannick Nyanga and Patrice Collazo

Humanitarian and Solidarity Commitments:

Since 2010, Denis Brogniart has been providing support to the Emergency Architects Foundation of which he has become the godfather.

Emergency architects whose purpose is to help people affected by natural or human disasters around the world, and who rebuilds housing, schools or infrastructure to help the poor find their lives decent as soon as possible after a disaster.

For the last two years, he has been the godfather of the wounded war veterans of CABAT, the Army's Helpline. (source: Mindef - CABAT)

Since January 2018, Denis Brogniart has been ARC Foundation Ambassador for Cancer Research. He will be the sponsor of the 5th edition of the Triathlon des Roses, dedicated to breast cancer research. (Sources: Twitter and Instagram Denis Brogniart, ARC Foundation website).

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