Geoffroy Garétier
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Geoffroy Garétier, was born on September 11, well before 2001 and the internet creation. 

He started in journalism, the time of the typewriter and press stenos, today he totally masters the workings of digital ... Possessing his account Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Geoffroy Garétier was a reporter for the Journal du dimanche; he was also editor of the team. Consultant on Canal + since 2010 he introduced the concept of "footballogie".

For him, football is a sport, just the time of a game from the first minute until the 90th minute. possibly until the penalty shootout ...

Between games, football is history, geography, statistics of politics, the human, an identity, and the last to see the only one! A way to GATHER in a fragmented world.

More than anything he loves hot analysis, before games, after games, to answer questions of news.

We can hear him, watch him listen, from Monday to Friday in the second part of the evening on the lateFootball club, which has become a reference show since the Football.

Geoffroy Garétier is also the author of the book "It's Played in Advance", published by Prolongations, published before Euro 2008. He presented a predictive conception of sports and football analysis, mixing notions borrowed from the human sciences.

Indeed, not very inclined to a constructive analysis of the football, it is positioned with a great knowledge of the statistics of the sport. he is working on the writing of a second book, "The Euro 2020 as you have never seen it" published by Amphora.

He was one of Canal +'s flagship consultants during the Women's World Cup held in France last June.

Geoffroy Garétier is a speaker, his favorite subjects :

- Football

- His marketing and economic legacy

- Integration, belonging

- The Football economy

- Globalization thanks to Football

- We like or do not like, Football brings together
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