Julien Bobroff
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Julien Bobroff is a physicist. He is Professor at the Paris-Saclay University and holds the Chair "Physics Reimagined ». He is a researcher at the Laboratory of Solid State Physics (Paris-Saclay University, CNRS).

As a specialist in quantum physics, he worked for twenty years on superconductivity and quantum materials. In 2011, he organized for the CNRS the « Year of Superconductivity ». In 2013, he created a new research team, "Physics Reimagined », where he explores new forms of popularization of science and education. He develops collaborations with the world of design.

Passionate about his discipline, he popularizes it on all possible fields and in all formats, conferences, happenings, demonstrations, exhibitions... He enthusiastically describes fundamental physics including the most recent research but also present and future applications.

The media and innovative devices he develops with his team are widely distributed online, in the world of culture, in science museums and in the world of education.

In 2011, he received the Jean Perrin SFP prize for the popularization of science, then in 2015 the "Le Goût des Sciences" prize from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

In 2019, he published at Flammarion "My Great Quantum Mechanic".



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