Julien Lesage
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Julien Lesage was born in France and spent his entire youth in Normandy, in Caen. Since he is 5 years old, he is completely passionate about fly fishing.

It is this same passion that has developed its attachment to biodiversity and its need to observe nature. Paradoxically, he is fishing but is unable to kill a fish. It is to be part of their element for a moment that interests him.

He has always done a lot of sports, and has always dreamed of being an F1 driver. Instead, he finished the French Archery Champion in 2010, and recordman still relevant. As archery does not pay, he followed a normal school curriculum despite the high level of sport. He had a degree in metabolic biochemistry and a master's degree in organic chemistry.

During the end of his schooling. he has successively created 3 entrepreneurial projects: design, motorsport (we do not rebuild!), and finally GMR. He worked for a few months in the perfume industry before devoting himself entirely to GMR for 3 years now. It is this project that allows him to exploit his school baggage while having a real eco-responsible mission.

GMR conveys the message of a profitable circular economy with little constraint, which seems essential to democratize the respect of our resources.

Julien still dreams of being an F1 driver, but it will be for later. All cars will be electric by then ...
Fr    French (native language)

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