Laurent Haug
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Laurent Haug is an observer, strategist, investor, and creative matchmaker for industry leaders, start-ups, policy makers, designers, and developers; guiding them through the intricacies of emerging technologies and the larger social and economic changes that shape them. 

He works with clients and projects in many different domains - entrepreneurship, finance, media, technology, retail - and facilitates the sharing of ideas, experience, and knowledge that lead to innovative action and new collaborative projects.

He is a venture partner at Anthemis (a company investing in the world’s most promising financial startups) and a partner at MKS Alternative Investments (active in seed investment in Switzerland and internationally).

He is the founder of Lift, Switzerland’s first ideas conference on the subject of innovation, technology, and society.

Topics :

- digital trends and innovations 
- how to innovate as a start-up

- consumer retail trends

- bank and finance 2.0 
- big data 
- mobile

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