Born in 1999 in Beirut (Lebanon), Léa Moukanas grew up first in the United States before moving to France.

On Octobre 2014, she lost her grandmother diagnosed with leukemia. She wanted to join charity organizations but she faced some non-responses and reproach to be too young to do it.
In 2015, at 15 years old, she decided to found her own charity with her friends to support children, teenagers and young adults diagnosed with cancer. She choose the name Aïda to pay tribute to her grandmother. The famous swimmer Camille Lacourt has been a sponsor during the ad campaign for the program Graines d’Avenir with Prince and Ulule.

In the end of 2019, the charity was taking action in 12 cities in France with 1000 volunteers in wich 80% were under the age of 18. The creation of Aïda allows young people to commit without the difficulties that Léa Moukanas has to deal with. It also inspire them to be bold and persevering when it comes to a project that matters to them however their age. 

While she is a student in Sciences Po Paris, Léa Moukanas has alrealdy released two books. The first one La Machine A Remonter le Temps has been published when she was only 14. Her second   book Ulysse Chez les Phéniciens, published in 2015, became a best-seller on Amazon France. She is now working on a third book.

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by Léa Moukanas

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