Nadine Bongaerts
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Nadine Bongaerts is a genetic engineer and a connector between science, society and business.

She received her Bachelor and Master Degree in Life Science & Technology from Delft University of Technology and Leiden University in The Netherlands and is currently pursuing her PhD at the French Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) in Paris where she works on the development of new antibiotics for tuberculosis.

She strongly believes that more communication between scientists and citizens is crucial for sustainable and responsible innovation. In 2011, she therefore co-founded science communication agency Science Matters which supports leading universities, research institutions and museums to translate scientific knowledge to the wider public. Moreover, she has been teaching synthetic biology at the Royal Academyof Arts in The Hague and serves since 2017 as faculty member Synthetic Biology for Singularity University Netherlands to inform and prepare members of industry and government for the implications of new DNA technologies.

Nadine is also active in the science-startup scene. In 2012, she becamethe Dutch chairman of the Kairos Society, a global community to connect innovative young entrepreneurs. Later, in 2014 she got involved in HelloTomorrow, a Paris-based nonprofit organisation that connects thousands of scientists, entrepreneurs and investors worldwide to bring pioneering technologies from the laboratories to the market. After launching HelloTomorrow in the Netherlands she was later appointed Vice-President in 2016.

As a passionate and engaging speaker, Nadine Bongaerts is regularly interviewed / asked to speak about the current and future possibilities of synthetic biology (a relatively new branch of biotechnology that allows DNA to be programmed like computer code), science entrepreneurship & communication. In addition, she is an experiencedmoderator and interviewer who is at her best when events are related toscience, technology and innovation.
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