Paul Barrett
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Paul Barrett is a British presenter. He is consultant and professional actor too.

Since 1998, with many experiences as presenter in European corporate convention ( SKF European meeting, Lisbon 1999; PPR Agora, Barcelona 2001; MIPIM awards, Cannes 2004; Schneider Electric, Toulouse 2004; Convention Colas, Palais des Congrès de Paris, 2005 or Gucci Watches, Seville 2006 etc'), he also has communication and Media Training skills for company executives (formal courses, individual coaching sessions, crisis simulations') for l'Oréal, Inside Technologies, Takeda, Glaxo-Welcome, Novartis in example.

Cinema lover, Paul Barrett has made parts as well in several films. We could see him in « Un métier de seigneur » (1986), « Viens jouer dans la cour des grands » (1997), « Un jour avant l'aube », « Warburg » (1990) « Kiss of the Dragon » (2001) and lately in « l'entente cordiale » (2006).

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