Ramesh Srinivasan
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Dr Ramesh Srinivasan, expert in Social Media, Technology and Politics Consultant - Associate Professor at UCLA

Globally experienced analyst, media scholar, and consultant who has worked in over 70 countries studying how social media technologies can be developed with stakeholders - rural communities, urban communities, governments, corporations, entrepeneurs, and more. Has published over 50 academic papers and holds prestigious grant awards from the National Science Foundation and other federal foundations. Worked on the development of projects, evaluation of projects, strategy, public dissemination, policy development, and marketing/business outreach. Critically experienced in thinking about design and deployment of technology in developing world region contexts, thinking about the development of digital repositories for knowledge management, and the ways in which technologies contribute to social change. Has worked in public and private environments and worked as an expert witness in legal and court proceedings.

Has been featured on National Geographic, Washington Post, Quartz, CNN, Forbes, MSNBC, The Young Turks, National Public Radio, Al Jazeera English, the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and many other global news and media outlets.

Currently developing projects around social media technologies around democratic communication, agriculture, public health, policy, political change and social change, economic development, distance learning, e-learning, migration studies, and cultural heritage. Strong experience that bridges cultural analysis, ethnography network and quantitative metrics, data mining, algorithms, design of systems/databases/interfaces (UI), legal issues, and theories around social change, economic development and political participation. Trained by Nobel Prize winning scholars at all three levels of education .

Extensive work experience in South Asia, Middle East, Europe, Central America, Central Asia, Australasia, South East Asia, North America, North Africa.
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