Shel Israel writes and speaks about technology’s impact on business and life. He has been a keynote speaker on all continents not covered by ice.

His two best-known books were Naked Conversations and Age of Context. Both were written with Robert Scoble, who wrote the foreword to Lethal Generosity. The three books are a trilogy that reveal the amazing changes technology has imposed on work and life over a ten-year-period.

While the previous books looked primarily at technology, Lethal Generosity looks more closely at the changes now taking place in retail and other public facing enterprises such as stadiums, airports and shopping districts.

He began his career as a newspaper reporter in the 1960s. Eventually he came to hate the vow of poverty connected to journalism. In the 1980s, he turned to public relations in Silicon Valley, where he specialized in technology startups. he eventually started his own agency, which he sold to employees in 2001.

He now consider himself a recovering publicist.

Between books and speaking engagements he has contributed editorially to Forbes, FastCompany, BusinessWeek, and Business Insider

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