Simone Zanoni
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Simone Zanoni is one of the world's leading chefs. A graduate of the "Instituto Commerciale di Lombardia" (Italy), he was also awarded in 2004 by the Guid BMW Italia, as the best Italian chef working abroad. The same year, he also received the Acon Awards, which recognizes the 20 young talents of the year from the hospitality industry.

Scarcely finished her studies and her cooking diploma in her pocket, Simone decided to go to England to improve herself. He does not speak a word of English and will succeed in establishing himself as a leader and extremely talented. From 1997 to 2001, he began as a clerk and then chef de partie at Restaurant Aubergine (a Michelin star) in London. In 2001, he was recruited from Gordon Ramsay Holdings, still in London, as a rotating Sous-chef. Until 2003, he will replace the chefs of the restaurants Amarylis (one star), Petrus (two stars) and Claridge's (one star). During this experience, he completed his apprenticeship as a Chef de Cuisine, notably for card creation, purchasing management, training and personnel management.

In 2003, he became Head Chef at the Gordon Ramsay Restaurant (3 stars) in London. He worked for 4 years alongside the world-famous chef, Gordon Ramsay. Since 2007, Simone Zanoni has been Executive Chef of Trianon Palace Hotel and Chef of Cuisine at Gordon Ramsay Restaurant at Trianon (2 Michelin stars), Versailles, France. This dedication is the fruit of Simone's efforts and talent.

Now trilingual, Italian, English and French, Simone offers his expertise and know-how in the form of consulting. He is a consultant for Gordon Ramsay Restaurants in Italy (Sardinia and Tuscany) and for GRSA, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He also opened in 2011 a new Parisian concept with the company Simone e Nicola, of which he is the manager.

In September 2016, he becomes the Chef of the George, a Mediterranean restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel George V. A challenge in which he wishes to instill a journey of flavors through his plates and his sense of friendliness. Simone keeps 100% of the existing card strong of its success and will enrich over time the panel of the offer of dishes to share according to his inspirations and influences.

In 2017, Simone Zanoni has also created a vegetable garden for the restaurant, at the Domaine de Madame Elizabeth, in the Yvelines, maintained by 5 gardeners, including people in professional reintegration. Committed to preserving the environment and to a "reasoned" gastronomy, Simone Zanoni is setting up a bio-vertous system, with the waste from the George being transformed into compost to feed the vegetable garden's soil.
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