Véronique Forge
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Véronique Forge graduated from Sciences-Po Paris and completed a Masters degree in Media and Communication from the London School of Economics.  She also holds a Masters in Marketing from a leading European business school ESCP EUROPE and a Masters in International Journalism from city University (London).   Véronique started her career in Advertising before going into marketing at Johnson & Johnson in Paris.    In 2005, she joined a french TV channel Direct 8 ( Bolloré Media now part of Vivendi) where she hosted differrent programmes. She interviewed influential women leaders such as Christine Lagarde in "Femmes d'exception" ( a 26 minutes daily live programme), Internatinal leaders in her montly show on Africa, and intellectuals in her weekly morning live.    She also managed the international section of Direct Soir, a daily newspaper, and interviewed international leaders such as Elie Wiesel, Jacques Attali, Jean-Marie Messier for the montly magazine Tribune Juive.     She has been based in London since 2010 where she has worked for the BBC World Service and done live interviews on Radio 4.     In 2013, she launched a womens business magazine in french and english. She hosts regular events in London where she interviews leading guest speakers such as Arianna Huffington (http://businessofeminin.com/en/arianna-huffington/).    Since the beginning of her career, she has moderated various types of conferences such as the women's Tribune in Morroco, Conferences on the future of Health ( Forum de la mixité-2014), The Power of Social Network for the "Salon des Micro-entreprises" in Paris (Octobre 2015).
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