Xavier Duportet
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Dr. Xavier Duportet Co-Founded Eligo Bioscience S.A.S in 2014 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Duportet has been the Chairman of Eligo Bioscience S.A.S since February 26, 2016.

He is a synthetic biologist and entrepreneur with two main motivations:
#1 - Transform innovative technologies into products that could improve lives of millions;
#2 - Help others who want to achieve a similar goal.

#1 Developing a new generation of antibiotics • Raised 2.7M€
He has founded Eligo Bioscience, a biotech company based on a technology developed as a side-project during his PhD at INRIA and MIT. Being the CEO, He is leading this project to bring their smart-antibiotics to the market as fast as possible.

#2 Building International Ecosystems for Science Entrepreneurship • Raised 3M€
To help other innovators from around the world, he has founded Hello Tomorrow, a global non-profit organization now operating in 30 countries across the 6 continents, which goal is to accelerate the development of science/tech startups that are solving real world problems with innovative technology.

• Honors •
- French Innovator of the Year by the MIT Technology Review (TR35)
- French PhD-Entrepreneur of the Year by AEF
- Laureate of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge

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